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Design Principle One: Playful ascent through the design of vertical circulation

Tall, thin slender homes often contain straight-run stacked stairs encased by interior walls, forgoing the opportunity to recognize ascent and descent within the home as a rich vibrant experience. At 614 Lauder verticality is of utmost importance as a result of the backsplit dividing three stories into six half-stories establishing vertical circulation as much if not more common than horizontal circulation within the structure. As a result of this condition, a meandering stairwell was designed and positioned at the central core of the home acting as a vertical beacon through which to access the adjacent levels. The stairway was designed to be playful including suspended landings and open to below spaces offering circulational variety and unique sightlines. 


Design Principle Two: Mediation through atrium

A wide spanning atrium starting on the ground floor extending to the underside of the roof offers large unobstructed space through which to navigate vertically. This atrium is used as the mediator of the backsplit concept and offers large open space where the floors would normally be disjointed. This allows what is often seen as an awkward floor drop in standard backsplits to become a unique design feature. Visitors standing within the atrium are provided sightlines to concurrent floor levels at one time giving the impression the home is much larger and more visually accessible. 


Design Principle Three: Accent with Light

The atrium, described in design principle two, is met with a set of large skylights at the roof of the structure whose sizes are based off the open to below space in between the meandering staircase. In doing so, the central most location in the home which is often the darkest becomes illuminated with natural light that is filtered through the skylights and disseminated down through the atrium. Unobstructed glass railings and guards have been installed to promote light penetration resulting in a naturally airy and brightly lit home.

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