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Photographer: Intelligent Designs


BuilderIntelligent Designs

Design: Adrian Bica

Survey: Omari Mwinyi Surveying LTD




300 Delta - Garage Conversion into Garden Suite


Unlock the potential of urban living with our transformative Garden Suite project. Once a conventional garage, this space has been reimagined into a harmonious blend of contemporary design and natural serenity. Embracing sustainable principles, the Garden Suite seamlessly integrates lush greenery with modern architecture, creating an oasis within the cityscape. Large windows flood the interior with natural light, highlighting the thoughtful use of space. From the sleek kitchenette to the inviting living area, every detail reflects a commitment to functionality and aesthetics. Experience the joy of living amidst nature without compromising on urban convenience in this innovative conversion.


Floor Plan fro website 300 delta.png
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