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Welcome to our one-of-a-kind architectural marvel in Tobermory, Ontario. This pentagon-shaped cottage boasts a unique design you won't find anywhere else, featuring 12 different slopes and 17-foot ceilings topped with a durable black metal roof. Its ultra-modern design includes windows in every corner, offering breathtaking views of nature, winding paths, and glimpses of Lake Huron.

The cottage is thoughtfully designed on one level, ensuring easy accessibility for guests with mobility challenges. Out front, you'll find two iconic red Muskoka chairs, perfect for relaxing and taking in the serene surroundings.

At the heart of the home lies a picturesque courtyard, complete with a hot tub that comfortably seats 6 to 8 people, surrounded by local plants and a striking red tree. Whether you choose to unwind in the egg chair or lounge on the patio set, this space is perfect for both daytime relaxation and nighttime stargazing. Tobermory's clear night skies offer spectacular views of stars and planets, and you might even catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights.

Our cottage is an eco-friendly haven, utilizing heat pumps for heating and cooling without burning fossil fuels, and LED lighting throughout. The cottage is insulated with spray foam to enhance energy efficiency and equipped with an ERV system to keep the indoor air fresh.

A 35-foot dock invites you to relax, practice yoga, or take the provided kayaks out on the water. Discover the hidden fairy garden if you can! The custom-made firepit is perfect for hosting large gatherings of family and friends, while the lookout deck provides stunning vistas of Lake Huron and the surrounding nature.

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ABOVE: Central Courtyard
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