The Frames of Movement project looks to explore  the rich experiences within a centre for recreation as individuals with a range of attitudes, perspectives and ideas come together under one roof to participate in a healthy and active lifestyle. The Frames Of Movement project looks to place emphasis on the simple, yet infinitely complex process of movement as our mind coordinates our body in activities that test our skills in balance and momentum through friendly and competitive means. The study began with an analysis of expressions created from the human body engaged in dance, yoga, gymnastics and sports. Capturing frames at sub second intervals as the body is physically engaged traces the flow of movement through time as internal forces create tensions in the body manipulating our forms as we transition through space.

The Frames of Movement project helps viewers visualize the flow of movement as undulations are traced between positions in time attempting to rekindle one with the subtle beauty and grace the human body undergoes each and every day.

Project Information

Client: Town of Ajax

Location: Ajax, Ontario

Budget: $45,000.00







External Links:

Town of Ajax - [Client Website]


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